Volunteer Welcome

The Bridgestone Invitational will be held June 29-July 3, 2016.  This invitation-only tournament, one of the four World Golf Championships, brings the world’s top golfers to Firestone Country Club and generates over a million dollars annually for local charities.  

Volunteers are truly the backbone of our tournament! Each year it takes over 1.100 volunteers that comprise 34 committees to run the Bridgestone Invitational. These committees are responsible for everything from greeting our patrons at the gate to transporting players and dignitaries to and from the airport.

The working hours that the volunteers provide have enabled Northern Ohio Golf Charities to give back more than $25 million to charities in Northeast Ohio since 1984.

The Bridgestone Invitational is looking for interested individuals who enjoy golf and giving back to the community. To reserve your place as a 2016 Bridgestone Invitational volunteer, please note the following:

Volunteer Registration: Please complete the online application with your $75 payment as soon as possible. We are unable to accept any volunteer applications after June 15, 2016.  Click here to register.

Committee Assignments: You may choose three committee preferences, but you will only be placed on one committee. We cannot guarantee assignments, but will make every effort to accommodate your preference. Please be sure to read the Committee Descriptions to ensure that you understand the time commitment for certain committees. Please keep in mind that a minimum of 4 shifts is required. Shift length may vary for each committee but is generally 4-10 hours, with each committee determining the timing and length of a shift. With some committees you may be able to work 2 shifts in one day. Your chairman will contact you to confirm your scheduling preferences sometime in June.  Click here for committee descriptions.

Volunteer Uniform: This year the required uniform package includes a credential, volunteer shirt, and baseball cap for men and choice of visor or baseball cap for women. Since uniform items had to be ordered a year ago there are limited quantities of sizes. Please sign up early to ensure you receive the size you require, as orders will be filled on first come, first served basis. Note - you may purchase only one of each optional apparel item (for volunteer use only) at this time to ensure that every volunteer order can be filled.  Click here to view uniforms.

Each volunteer will receive a shirt in their uniform package. If you are a chairman (a chairman is anyone with the word chairman in their title, for example – Asst. Chairman) you will be given a chairman shirt in your uniform package. If you have any doubt about what size to order, please stop in the office and try it on.

Khaki slacks/shorts - Men wear khaki slacks or knee-length Bermuda shorts with short socks. Women may wear khaki slacks, skirts, capris or knee-length shorts. These items are not on the order form. You must provide your own.

Men’s baseball cap: Men will receive cap with tournament logo in the uniform package.

Women’s visor or baseball cap - Women will receive their choice of a visor or cap with tournament logo in the uniform package. Limited number of caps and visors, please sign up early to ensure you receive your choice.

*If you are planning to wear something on your head, you must wear the tournament baseball cap or visor.

Optional items are - Money clip with the Bridgestone logo (only 75 available); Optional grounds tickets: You may order daily grounds tickets at a discounted price of $42. These tickets are “good any one day” so it is not necessary to specify the date. Volunteers may also purchase Weekly Championship Club ticket books at a discounted rate of $166.00 or Weekly Grounds ticket books at a discounted rate of $108.00. These tickets must be purchased by June 1, 2016 to receive the discounted price!  NOTE:  THESE TICKET PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE SO PLEASE ORDER EARLY!

Volunteer Training and Uniform Pick Up: During the volunteer training meetings to be held on Thursday, June 9th and Saturday June 11th you will pick up your uniform, credentials, parking pass and money clips. Also, you can make exchanges or purchase additional uniform items at that time. As in past years, uniforms may be shipped to you for $10.

Volunteer Badge: Your volunteer badge will admit you to the tournament, Wednesday through Sunday. Your volunteer uniform should only be worn on the days you are working.

Volunteer Parking:  Lot 7 at the corner of S. Main Street and Killian Road has been designated as the volunteer parking lot.  Your badge is your parking pass.  Shuttles run continuously to the Killian Road gate at the rear of the course or the Main Gate at the front of the course.

Meal Vouchers: Every volunteer will receive a meal voucher on days when you work, which can be redeemed throughout the day at various locations, including a catered lunch at the Volunteer Compound. Coffee, soda, snacks and donuts are complimentary. There will be a catered breakfast for all volunteers on Saturday morning of tournament week.

Party: Save the date! The Volunteer Appreciation Party will be held on Sunday, June 26, 2016.

Payment: Your volunteer package payment ($75.00) allows us to offset costs and thereby donate more to local charities. Thank you for assisting us in this endeavor!

Reminder: For the most up-to-date information about the Bridgestone Invitational, please visit the volunteer website at: www.nogcf.org.

Once again, thank you for your interest. We look forward to seeing you in June!

If you experience problems, please call the Championship Office at (330) 245.2302 or email Glenda Buchanan at glendab@neo.rr.com.

Click here to register to volunteer.