Golf Cart Safety

Part of Bridgestone Invitational's Pride is to “THINK CART SMART.” We need your support in creating a fun and safe environment for all those involved with this great event. We ask that all volunteers watch the golf cart safety video and that all volunteers operating a golf cart read, sign and return the acknowledgement form in the link below. Please submit signed forms to


And as a continuous reminder....


Mobile Device Policy

Effective immediately, spectators are now allowed to take photos all week with their mobile devices throughout the golf course, except in areas of competition during official rounds or when requested by players, security and TOUR officials to refrain from taking a photo.  Receiving or placing phone calls will remain limited to designated "Cell Phone Zones."  As a reminder, cameras are NOT allowed during official rounds.

A complete summary of the PGA TOUR's Mobile Device Policy follows:


  • Device must be on silent at all times.
  • Calls may be placed or answered only in designated "Cell Phone Zones."
  • Devices may not be used to capture audio/video at any time during tournament week.
  • During practice and pro-am rounds, photography is permitted in all areas.
  • During official competition rounds, photography is prohibited within any areas of competition (i.e. teeing grounds, tee shot landing areas and on/around putting greens) or when requested by tournament staff, security, players or player representatives.  Photography in non-competition areas is permitted.
  • Data use (e.g., texting, email, etc.) will be permitted outside of the designated "Cell Phone Zones" all week. Data use is not permitted when players are in position to compete (i.e., when QUIET PLEASE paddles are raised).

Please be respectful to the players and fans around you - Take your call or text to a designated cell phone zone!