Volunteer for the 2019 Bridgestone SENIOR PLAYERS Championship

Since 1984, Northern Ohio Golf Charities and its partners have helped raise over $28 million for local charities, since 1984. We welcome you to join our volunteer team.

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Welcome Details

On behalf of Northern Ohio Golf Charities leadership team, thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 Bridgestone SENIOR PLAYERS Championship, a major championship on the PGA TOUR Champions schedule. Since 1984, our volunteer efforts have helped raise over $28 million for local charities. If you are a returning volunteer, I want to especially thank you for your continuing commitment. If this is your first year, we’re excited to have you join our team. 

2019 marks our 66th year of hosting world-class professional golf at Firestone CC. It also represents a new chapter in our rich tradition as we welcome the legends of the game from THE PGA TOUR Champions, with the Bridgestone SENIOR PLAYERS Championship. This year’s tournament will feature a Pro-Am on Wednesday, July 10 with four rounds of tournament play July 11-14. For more information about volunteering, check us out at www.nogcf.org or call Nancy Musci at 330-245-2302.

Thanks for your support.
John E. Anderson
2019 Tournament Volunteer Chairman

Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events Details


February 20, 2019

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Media Center -  440 East Warner Road,   Akron  44319

Leadership Details

Leadership Details Details

John E. Anderson - 2019 Tournament Volunteer Chairman

Bob Zwisler - 2018 Tournament Volunteer Chairman

George Van Horne - 2020 Tournament Volunteer Chairman

Kevin Harris - Hospitality Executive Vice Chairman
Geoff McClellan - Operations Executive Vice Chairman
Bambi Miller - Scoring Executive Vice Chairman

Jeff Wallick - Security Executive Vice Chairman
Michele Tomer - Admissions Executive Vice Chairman
Nancy Bird - Volunteer Recruiting & Dev. Excutive Vice Chairman

Uniform Information

Uniform Information

Uniform Information Details

UNIFORMS - Coral Sunrise 

Solid - Adult  Volunteer

Stripe- Chairman


Thursday, June 6th from 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday, June 15th from 9:00am -1:00pm

Volunteer Committees

Our volunteers are instrumental in helping conduct a successful Bridgestone SENIOR PLAYERS Championship. There are various volunteer committees from which to choose, to best match your interests and skill set. Note that some committees become filled quickly, and close.

For more information about the volunteer committees or the registration process, please call Nancy Musci, NOGC Administrator at (330) 245-2302.

John Anderson - 2019 Tournament Volunteer Chairman
George Van Horne - 2020 Tournament Volunteer Chairman

Junior Volunteers (ages 13-18)

Junior Volunteers (ages 13-18)

Junior Volunteers (ages 13-18) Details

Our Junior Volunteers (ages 13-18) serve in a variety of roles, many of which are on-course and close to the action. These include carrying leader standards for the players and assisting the scoring committee. Other tasks include helping with admissions and hospitality areas. For more information about junior volunteers, call Nancy Musci at the tournament office (330) 245-2302.

Don't forget the mandatory Junior Volunteer orientation to be held on Sunday July 7, 2019 at 2:00pm in the Junior Volunteer Tent, located on the North Course, adjacent to the tunnel. We will review procedures, distribute uniforms, explain the drop off/pick up locations and answer any questions you may have at the time. Parking is available in LOT # _______.





Admissions Details

Michele Tomer - Executive Vice Chairman

Concessions - Coordinates the activities of the volunteer organizations that work the various concessions stands. Scheduled Wednesday - Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

Gates - Greets our guests, checks credentials and offers information at the various gates. Scheduled Wed – Sunday, 4-6 hour shifts.

Finance - Sells tickets at the gates and WILL-CALL, works closely with Gates committee. Scheduled Monday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

Information - Committee members distribute and sell course information guides and assist guests with their questions and needs. Scheduled Tuesday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

WILL CALL - Distributes tickets left by players, VIP guests, corporate purchases and pre-sale. Scheduled Monday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

50/50 Raffle - Sells raffle tickets to the public on tournament grounds. Scheduled Wednesday to Sunday 4-6 hour shifts. Shift times may vary.



Operations Details

Geoff McClellan - Executive Vice Chairman

Carts - Manages golf carts used by volunteers & vendors.
Days needed: Weekend prior to tournament to organize and label carts. Wednesday thru Sunday in 4-6 hour shifts.

Course Refreshments - Stocks refreshments on tee boxes and volunteer refreshment areas. Setup assistance needed Sat/Sun prior to event for 3-4 hours. Scheduled Tuesday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

Course Build Out - Responsible for pre-tournament construction projects on course and with tournament facilities, includes fence meshing & barricading various on/off course locations, roping & staking course prior to the tournament, as well as support during tournament play. At conclusion of tournament, assists with tear down on Sunday until dark, if necessary. Also assists with parking lots weekend prior to tournament. Hours are flexible prior to tournament week and largely weekends. During tournament week, scheduled Wednesday through Sunday 6-10 hour shifts.

Parking & Signage - Assists with roping of various parking lots weekend prior to tournament. Coordinates other volunteer groups which park cars, works with the transportation for each lot. Scheduled Wednesday through Sunday. Shift times vary. Places and removes directional road signage on and off the course. Positions available before the tournament to setup signs Friday through Tuesday, allowing for other committee involvement during tournament week. Shift times vary.

Radios - Distribute, manage and collect radios used by volunteers & vendors. Wednesday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts. Shifts start early each day to support other committee staffing. Monday post tournament assistance is needed - 4 hours.

Uniforms - Distributes volunteer credentials and uniforms prior to event. Assists with merchandise sales in volunteer compound during tournament week. Committee works closely with tournament office on all merchandise distributed to volunteers. Scheduled Wednesday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

Volunteer Compound - Supports hospitality needs for our volunteer team; specifically in the volunteer compound. Includes serving food & beverages. Scheduled Wednesday through Sunday. Coverage is needed 6:30am until 2:30pm, normally 4-6 hour shifts.

If you like to laugh and interact with people and desire to see a different side of the tournament, come join us on the Operations team!



Scoring Details

Bambi Miller - Executive Vice Chairman

Caddies - Registers caddies at the beginning of the week and then distributes and collects caddie bibs each day of the tournament. Scheduled Monday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

Junior Volunteers (Adult) - Coordinates the activities of approximately 150 junior volunteers. Scheduled Thursday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

SHOTLink Laser Operator - Committee members work on-course in select locations. May be called on to work as a walking scorer. There is a mandatory training session on Saturday prior to tournament & on Wednesday. Scheduled Wed - Sunday, 4-6 hour shifts.

SHOTLink Walking Scorer – One walking scorer is assigned to follow each group of players and record scores on a hand-held electronic device. Mandatory training session the Saturday before tournament and practice round Wednesday. Scheduled Wednesday through Sunday 4-6 hour shifts.

A limited number of committee positions are in place for 2019, thus registration is limited to returning volunteers. If past committee members are unable to volunteer, new committee members will be brought on, as needed, on a first come, first served basis.


Security Details

Jeff Wallick - Executive Vice Chairman

Emergency Action - Volunteers are prepared to drive vehicles which are stationed around the course for emergency evacuation, transporting the players, caddies and standard bearers from the course to safety.
Days Required: Saturday and Sunday prior to tournament, Wednesday to the Monday after the tournament in 8 hour shifts.

Marshals - Assigned to various holes, positions and areas of the golf course, including walkways, clubhouse and driving range. Marshals assist with maintaining gallery control and easing the flow of movement for players, caddies, officials and media. Limited number needed on Wednesday, up to 350 325 needed daily in 8-10 hour shifts Thursday through Sunday.

Special Needs Shuttle - Responsible for transporting special needs patrons to designated viewing areas. Wednesday through Sunday 10 needed daily in 8 hour shifts.

VIP Transportation - Transports players, officials and VIPs to and from the golf course, airport and hotels. Drivers needed before and after the event to collect and return cars. Transportation volunteers must be at least 25 years old. Wednesday through Sunday 10 needed daily in 8 hour shifts.

Hospitality Services

Hospitality Services

Hospitality Services Details

Kevin Harris - Executive Vice Chairman

Credentials - Responsible for checking credentials at multiple on-course venues, including Clubhouse, villas and skyboxes. Scheduled from Wednesday through Sunday, 5-6 hour shifts

Golf Events / PRO-AM - Handles key volunteer requirements for Pro-Am Events during tournament week. Scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday – after. Volunteers are asked to commit to 8 hour shifts on Wednesday, with shorter shift commitments on other days.

Volunteer Recruiting & Development

Volunteer Recruiting & Development

Volunteer Recruiting & Development Details

Nancy Bird - Executive Vice Chairman

Volunteer Recruiting & Development Team works year-round to encourage increased volunteer participation in the Bridgestone Senior Players Championship.

During tournament week, committee members support military appreciation events (Patriots Outpost), as well as volunteer training & development activities across other committees, while also serving as ambassadors for the event in varying capacities.

Awards & Recognition

About the David H. Franklin Award

About the David H. Franklin Award Details

For more than six decades, thousands of dedicated volunteers have helped run successful professional golf tournaments at Firestone Country Club. Each year during the tournament, our volunteers are asked to nominate someone from their ranks who exemplifies the true and selfless meaning of being a volunteer. This highly respected award is named for David H. Franklin, a long-time volunteer who worked at the tournament for 25 years before losing his battle with cancer. The award recipient is announced at the Volunteer Breakfast held on Saturday of tournament week.

As the tournament draws to a close, a committee selects a recipient from those nominated based on the following criteria:

  • Volunteer with Northern Ohio Golf Charities, Inc. for five years
  • Personal dedication and commitment to making the tournament a success
  • Positive response, regardless of how mundane the required task
  • Unselfish in her/his efforts, focused on the tournament success and the impact on the community.

Past Recipients of the David H. Franklin Award

Past Recipients of the David H. Franklin Award Details

2018 - Sid Stermer
2017 - Dee West
2016 - Don Grubaugh
2015 - Todd Krochta
2014 - Mike Hausch
2013 - Jeff Wallick
2012 - Nancy Bird
2011 - Kevin Harris
2010 - Shirley Huffman
2009 - Carl Douglas
2008 - Sandy Becker-Neidert
2007 - Barbara Dieterich
2006 - Jesse Pittman
2005 - Steve Kelly
2004 - I. Frank Myers
2003 - Pat Schaffer
2003 - Pat Fricker
2002 - Dean Fygetakes
2001 - Max Bowers
2000 - Bret Benson
1999 - Heather McNeil
1998 - Pam Williams
1997 - Sharlee Guster
1996 - Rob Keener
1995 - Andy Maxwell
1994 - Letty Angerer
1993 - Ann Berry
1992 - Bernie Antonino
1991 - Dick Jenkins
1990 - Emma Schreiber
1989 - Al Keller
1988 - Frank G. Myers
1987 - Jack Border